mamaloha means aloha with mama: = in balance with mother earth

the hawaiian word aloha is used to greet people but has also a deeper meaning: it can be translated as „love“, „affection“, „charity“, „compassion“, „kindness“, „sympathy“ or ultimately „one-ness“

we believe that our mama (planet) needs a little bit more aloha.

our products are handmade with love. ingredients are ethically sourced with ultra premium organic or wild harvested 100% natural and synthetic-free quality. we love medicinal mushrooms and their promotion of immune health and longevity.

all used ingredients are skin and children-friendly and do not harm our skin or the eco system. for every product sold we plant one tree. we believe that people deserve a healthy diet and sustainable skincare that does not harm the body and the environment.

we source only the premium organic ingredients, use all-natural formulations and choose eco-friendly packaging. as health-conscious sportsmen we care a lot what we put in and on us.

we believe that active and healthy people deserve organic and prime quality products that suit a healthy and eco-aware lifestyle and most important are friendly to our beloved playgrounds: the reefs. with the goal to plant more trees on our wonderful planet and to protect the reefs from toxic sunscreen and plastic pollution we have founded the mamaloha "PLANT TREES" initiative. our promise is to plant for every product sold one tree in Indonesias reforestation programs.


It is our corporate social responsibility not to harm our planet. Instead of setting off the carbon footprint our products produce - we simply plant one tree for every product sold. this is a way more sustainable solution to the problems our planet is currently facing. we care a lot about the eco-systems our beautiful and popular sport takes us to: the reefs: more than 3.6 tons of synthetic suncream is washed into reef environments throughout our planet. especially chemical sunprotection containing oxybenzones (please check your sunscreen labels) are responsible for damaging the reef with viruses and ultimately causing coral bleach. coral reef eco systems play a major role for the health of our planet: the oceans and rainforests are our planets heart and lungs. it is estimated that the oceans marine plants produce 70% of the worlds oxygen and absorbing 30% of man-made CO2. It is time to go reef-friendly! It is time to PLANT TREES!