mamaloha believes that it is time to go reef-friendly! our SURFERS ZINC is made of 100% natural and organic Ingredients and is handmade with love in small batches. we strictly use premium organic ingredients and use uncoated non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for a mineral, eco-, skin- and reef-friendly sunprotection.

​​more than 3.6 tons of synthetic suncream is washed into reef environments throughout our planet. especially chemical sunprotection containing oxybenzones (please check your sunscreen label) are responsible for damaging the reef with viruses and ultimately causing coral bleech. coral-reef eco systems play a very important role for our planets health: the ocean is our planets heart and lungs; it is estimated that oceans marine plants produce 70% of the worlds oxygen and absorbing 30% of man-made CO2. mamaloha believes that is time to go reef-friendly!

we often get feedbacks from people who love our product because with it they do not get pimples in the face like they do with other sunscreen. many say that our zinc smells the best and stays on the skin forever. we use only premium organic

INGREDIENTS: zinc oxide (natural, non-nano, uncoated) titanium dioxide (natural, non-nano, uncoated), tocopherol (vitamin e), organic cocos nucifera oil, organic theobroma cacao seed butter, organic ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, organic cera alba (wildcrafted beeswax) and organic theobroma cacao powder.

WARNING: this product may strain your clothing.

to get you stoked on the next adventure we got the perfect sizes for your next surf trip:


5g CAN: Our limited edition 5g can is so tiny you might even take it out in the water. 15.- CHF

15g stick: our ECO-PUSH-UP sticks are made from recycled paper and are completely plastic free. 19.- CHF

20g CAN: our evergreen! Friends from Senegal wrote us: "Amazing, for the first time in 25 years I am without a red nose (danish guy). I use it daily since 6 months and its still half full!" 25.- CHF

20g WHITE EDITION: If you prefer white Zinc we got you covered. 25.- CHF

30g CAN: Plan a long trip around the world? Here we go! 35.- CHF